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Jeff Baker

World renown and openly gay psychic, medium and empathic healer, Jeff Baker will be coming to the Bay Area Aug 3-5 to keynote speak at the Gaia Festival. The festival is a three-day music and sustainable-living fair, featuring world-class artists of many genres, with a positive message. Through workshops and presentations they will host discussions on topics like environmental stewardship, communal living, plant spirit and psychedelic medicine, shamanism, and spirituality.

Jeff is reaching out to his LGBT community in hopes to inspire them more and to motivate them to make positive changes in their lives. From what I have read and from what Jeff has told me, the Gaia Festival will be filled with more love and acceptance than anyone could wish for.

I spoke with Jeff more in depth about the Gaia Festival but more importantly, Jeff took the time to really explain his gifts and what he truly does. The transcription of our conversation is below.

Hi Jeff, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. For those who are not familiar with your work, can you give me some background on yourself?

You Bet! I’ve just had my 26th year anniversary in the practice of empathic healing, (Pushing Through) which I should clarify is an umbrella term for everything I do in the “esoteric realm”. Let me re-clarify that the “esoteric realms” are not so ethereal to me. It’s kind a like when you hear the word paranormal, I always take the “Para” out of it and it always becomes normal, that is truth for me, that is really been my life. And now just passing the 26-year mark of working in this modality I am quite satisfied with this view. I guess, even further, what I mean is I don’t prescribe to silly nonsense that harbors resistance or appears to downplay what is truly magical, which to me is life its own self. Everybody asks the question, when did it begin or how did it start with you? There’s no real official answer, it started for me when I started this life but I formally began practicing and training others in the modality when I was eleven years old. The truth is I’ve always been empathic. Underneath the empathic label, of course falls, psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, and other labels. I prefer empathic. Within the last 25 years I’ve been called just about everything in the book from lover to ***hole, mostly out in the field with missing and murdered cases, but still, it’s to exemplify that I have been called a lot of things just because of who I am and what I do.

I know you briefly just touched on this, but I have to ask, how did this all start? Have you always been in tune with “the other side”? Is that the appropriate terminology?

Yes. I have always been in tune with the other side and the following question is the prominent appropriate terminology. It’s kind of a paradoxical and whimsical for me personally because I did not grow up in the psychic world, yet a world of spiritual mysticism and practice. I don’t believe there is another side to begin with. I actually believe it is all the same side just a matter of positioning as it were with soccer or football. As far as it being appropriate terminology, nothing is truly appropriate with me but I would concede it to be the standard if you will, with most of the psychic community. Not to set myself too far to the left or to far to the right, rather as square in the middle as possible, I would say it’s appropriate terminology for others. Which is great, I just have another vernacular with the kind of work that I do and I use that language for better understanding from clients, classes and people in general. It is a point of contention these days that we know how to adequately explain the complexity of what I do. I started to practice in this physical plane when I was 11 years old I certainly worked, even as a young kid, with the modality, it was merely understated and I was to young to bring it into the thriving business that today it has now become. So eleven years old is more like a marker point for me as to when I formally came out to everyone and began a healing business.

I know you have been featured on television. What was that experience like, putting yourself out there for everyone to see what you are capable of?

It is truly a funny question when I am asked about television and the work people have seen me do on it for a myriad of reasons. Probably the biggest fallacy of television, at least for me, is that it does actually portray who I am and what I do. Of course the river is much deeper within the modality itself and television is sort of one of the lowest forms of communication in my mind that it can be expressed through. However, that being said… being out there for everyone to see the gifts and how I use them has and is a great experience. Even though I turn down most opportunities that come my way, for exposure, it truly is more about the content of that exposure and not the exposure itself.

What is your main focus in your practice? What do you specialize in and or what do you do most often?

I don’t really specialize per se in just one or two of the things that I do, thankfully the modality allows more than what one might presume as the standard. I have a thriving healing practice, which has mostly come from medical validation in journals and articles and of course word of mouth. I love the healing work and it is definitely one of the most difficult functions of the modality and for sure the most extensive time wise. But I have a broad spectrum; healing, readings, medium ship, classes, lectures, government work, missing and murdered cases, paranormal disturbances, hautes, haunts, production, writing, and many other adventures. Twenty-six years is a long time to have many endeavors underneath the same modality. I have been fortunate and blessed to travel to 90 countries, work with world and spiritual leaders and still have time for a simple facebook message. To reiterate but not separate, the modality I work in and use on a day to day, moment to moment basis, allows me to stay in alignment with all things, using the same principles and techniques.

When you say you perform a “healing” what does that mean?

In terms of healing, I consider nothing less than the complete eradication of disease, whether it is mental, physical or spiritual. The healing work is complex in the way that is very structured and backwards from how I have witnessed others working healing modalities. Coming from a background in microbiology and genetics, I consider myself more of a realist with the healing work than a practitioner of some strange modality no one has heard about. I don’t take on every client and I don’t promise what cannot be done between the client and myself. It takes both the client and myself for a healing and there is much accountability and responsibility for all things that have contributed to illness of any kind. I think its reasonable for me to say that if a person is given a “yes” for a healing that they will be spending a very long 5 days with me that includes intense education and preparation. It is by no means a waving the wand over some ones body and then presto, healing is finished. It is a process, an understanding and a complete surrender on both sides.

You most recently launched a production company. Tell me more about it.

This is my third production company to launch in the last ten years and definitely the largest undertaking. Burn it to the ground productions is a company focusing all of its interest and investment into the production of conscious projects. Our goal is to swiftly move into a plethora of markets, including television, radio, festival projects, a haunted house, a healing center and movies. We also have a subsidiary company that will focus on the publishing world. If we had a concrete mission statement it would read something like the following: We are a broad based production company geared towards producing an atmosphere and tone that is reflective of the ever changing, enlightening, mystical world that we all share in improving upon the perfection that already exist.

What are the future projects you have in mind for Burn it to the Ground Productions?

Currently we have a score of projects in all stages of production. We have a beautiful festival August 3rd, 4th and 5th, in Laytonville California called the Gaia festival. We have a television show in pre-production, a series for the LBGT community, a haunted house production in New Mexico, three movies, and seven books. Gosh – that’s overwhelming just to say.

Tell me more about the Gaia Festival coming up. What’s your direct role?

Yes, indeed. While I am in the bay area quite a bit, Gaia festival is right on our heels. I am very excited about this unique festival. I am partnering with long time friends for the Gaia festival, which is a small town festival focusing on community, holding space for freedom and love, safety and joyous fun and the opportunity to spread this reality as far as we can. Again we believe this type of festival to be a part of the wonderful paradigm shift happening in our world. We would love to expand this festival and watch it grow even bigger, but we are in love with idea of smaller more personalized festivals that really incite a larger community spread. We have Michael Franti this year as a headliner and we are honored and excited for Michael and Speerhead as well as all of our numerous bands. We are also incorporating educational speakers and classes and a kid friendly atmosphere to harbor or foster the experience of genuine love and acceptance equally for all. My partners, Black Road Productions have been having festivals on this sacred and beautiful ground for the last 21 years. Previous to their successful festival adventures, they have been in the music industry for 40 plus years. They bring experience, love, gratitude and knowledge for both music and consciousness. The Gaia Festival is truly a unique experience. There truly is nothing out there like it. The combination of music, fun, knowledge and tradition, experienced speakers and teachers makes this the only festival of its kind. I spoke and taught one class last year and I am doing three this year. Even though I am a producer of the festival, I am honored and humbled to be teaching some of the modality, reading for patrons and friends, and doing short healing sessions all weekend long. This festival also means a great deal for me on a very personal note as it was the beginning of a great healing for myself regarding the death with my lover, Brett Allen Preston.

Thank you, Jeff for taking time out. I know coordinating this was not easy, but I so very much appreciate you opening up and telling me so much about yourself and what you do. I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person in August. Where can readers go for more information?

You are so welcome. It was my pleasure and thank you for taking time to focus on something really important for our world! Readers can go to  for information on me and for the festival, and of course for our company portfolio, up-coming projects, auditions and submissions.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area and you want to learn more from Jeff, be sure to check out the Gaia Festival. From what he describes, it’s sure to be a completely unique, spiritual and uplifting experience

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